Sports Medicine has been the common description for any orthopedic and medical care of the physically active individuals. However, at Arizona Integrative Medical Center, we are committed to providing a huge range of innovative treatments and state-of-the-art solutions for various conditions. We treat the entire person and address any underlying issue that cause pain and disease.

Patients with any sports injury are hoping to return back to activity as soon as possible. For this reason, they need quick, safe and effective treatments that will help them achieve this. At Arizona Integrative Medical Center, we are pleased to offer advanced treatment options that are personalized to obtain the best results for every individual.

With the unrivalled and unique Sports Medicine focus of our center, we can provide our patients with the complete spectrum of groundbreaking medical care for our patients’ work and sports injuries.

Arizona Integrative Medical Center – Equipped with Talented and Skilled Industry Expert

Our focus is on treating and preventing any sports-related illnesses and injuries. With our advanced programs and services, we can help every individual improve any aspect of his or her athletic performance.

Dr. Stallone is dedicated to building injured ligaments, muscles, fascia, cartilage and tendons to enhance sports performance and treat injuries. With the use of natural integrative treatments for sports, he is able to help patients improve their stamina, decrease overall recovery healing time and relieve pain so they can get back to their sports. His unique methodologies also help an increasing number of patients maximize their energy transfer, reduce risk of injury, obtain lean muscles gains and enhance the use of insulin, glucose and oxygen.

Arizona Integrative Medical Center also utilizes different natural or homeopathic supplements and medicines and integrate high innovative adaptogens and natural compounds to promote health. We are also equipped with reliable sports medicine agents that deliver safe and natural outcomes for any athlete.

You do not need to worry about going through the hectic processes and procedures of a surgery because our exceptional treatment options are available to help improve quality of life and function after any sports-related injury you experience. Our studies also continue to advance the industry of sports medicine by delving deeper into different orthopedic conditions.

No matter what the nature or cause of your condition, we will bring the same level of service and commitment to helping our patients achieve their goals and overcome injury. We will help you reduce and completely eliminate pain from work-or sports-related injuries or condition and boost your athletic performance.

At AIM Center, we will ensure that you achieve your sports goals through our cutting-edge services. It is through our natural, holistic and comprehensive approach to treatment that sets us apart in the industry.

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